Sunday, April 11, 2010

Brief history

I was diagnosed with IC, and VVS about 3 years ago... It started after a very very bad bacterial infection... and then the self treatment with monistat... The infection because of my pain levels went undiagnosed.. I was voiding 24 times prior to lunch. By the time I finally got to an office that knew about the 3 Amigos... I was in pretty bad shape.

I couldn tolerate an exam- I mean not even a qtip to be inserted... ( no matter how I tried I just couldnt tolerate it) I tried everything... I tried relaxation techniques... nothing worked. I had a yeast infection for a year straight.

Eventially I quit going to the office- they were frustrated with me and I was frustrated with my body. I decided to try herbal protocols in hopes that I would find relief that way. I found some.. I also treated for Hypothyroid and that helped some as well.

about a year after I left I made my return- this time ready to try anything that I could... the yeast wasnt an issue and I was ready. I still could not tolerate an exam...but could tolerate a qtip.. (progress) Then by luck one of the muscle relaxers prescribed allowed for me to have an internal exam...well my Pelvic Floor was very tight... and I was referred to PT.

My PT literally gave me my life back- I was able to be more mobile, tolerate exams.. all after 4 internal sessions of PT... (a true miracle) My PT actually 'got it " she could feel how tight my muscles were... I was the highest tone possible.

After I went to PT for a few months- It was time to try capsaisin(the wonder cream) I saw improvement very very quickly with it... probably within a weeks time... I used to joke and say I wanted to marry it.. I loved it so much.

PT ended... and although I was more muscles were still very a brick wall. I took a break from PT for a loooong time. In that time I tried Trigger Point injections into the muscles - what I had thought was my bladder and urethra was the was the best decision my practitioner and I made...

They would flare me... but I saw improvement...the flare would vary each time... I was determined to not give up though...and I went forward.

The injections werent working any longer I seemed to have hit a back to PT I went- and wow this time it was muscles were better... not great but better. be continued.

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