Thursday, April 15, 2010

A fork in the road

I have thought about whether to post about my recent appointment- i decided I wasnt going to let that negative energy onto my blog- so I am leaving out the details.

I did think it warranted me mentioning however, as it is affecting my current treatment..and I am stuck in ' a fork in the road'

my consult appt went horribly wrong ..for reasons I am still not sure of- what is clear is I was treated very unprofessionally on all levels.

the exam was the worst I have ever had.. Pelvic exam wise. I was accused of some things.. that I still am not sure why I was accused of them... and my treatment was stopped. Something that was helping- I was told the Dr did not feel they were necessary and I need to adapt to change. No explanations given...especially since they were working.

I have regrouped- I have Dr appt scheduled with different Doctors... but in the meantime I am in a lot more pain. Im frustrated that my PFD is worse due to exam and I am still recovering a week later. The way my PFD reacts is- the muscles will stay tight..and the only thing to get me out of a flare is PT. That being said even with PT last week, my muscles are still not happy from the pelvic exam last week...
I dont know what the future holds..but I refuse to give up or let this experience affect me negatively.

I will get well again that I do know.

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