Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Truth

Since a few with pelvic pain have posted their truths I thought I would do the same.

I just got back from a very long trip to a hormone specialist-  for the most part the three amigos behaved...I did have a ton of piriformis pain that radiated down my right leg while driving, but i recovered nicely....and was able to make a semi vacation out of it....but once back home...things really flared up.  

I had PT today and my PC muscle is super tight.. ... she couldnt get it to calm down....  this sucks.  It does explain my increased bladder symptoms, and burning vulva.

but im scared-  Im scared this will stay that way...stay flared up like it did last year at this time... im scared it is going to take that long for me to recover again.
Im beyond scared the vulva burning, intense burning is going to come back....  I cant deal with that again.

Most of all im going to admit I have no clue what direction I am going in...and although I seem so strong to so many-  Im just as lost, just as sad.  

My PT said she feels something is driving my PFD it is just a bystander...secondary to something else going on as I am not like any of her other patients.   The Dr I just saw said I have low iron and vitamin D

I secretly pray that it is just iron and viatmin D dificencies and for some reason being so difficient (he said it was severe)  is causing the PFD to react the way it does.

I mean just from sitting too much my PC muscle goes into a mega spasm.  

So, that is my truth I am clueless-  a ship lost at sea-    Say some prayers for me that this PC flare goes away.  

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