Wednesday, September 22, 2010

i should be doing backflips right now

I had PT today, and despite all the pain during my period  the GI appt pelvis stayed aligned.... WTF

I know that the period issues were not PF related this month- it had a different feel to it......

but I havent a clue why I stayed PT thinks it is the strenghthening I have started to do......

BUT instead of being able to celebrate I lay here in pain from today session........ she released the hipflexors...and did some very very minor work internally and relased the piriformis on both sides.

I feel like I went in there today with everything out of alignment-  I mean shouldnt i feel good right now since I went in there aligned and with hardly any symptoms?   So , now it will be in recovery mode..........which mentally is freaking draining the crap out of me........... to endure this whn I was OK to begin with.

IF I had known i was OK, i would have skipped this week.

I guess the positive is I stayed aligned........ so that is huge progress not only that but my PFD has remained at a low tone for about three weeks now........ that is good.

I just wish i wasnt having this awful deep gnawing pain.......  why do I react so differently to PT than most. 

I just hope this will calm down and I will get back to where I was today when I went into PT........ but this means tomorrow I most likely wont be out running errands , but will be stuck at home.... trying not to push things.  ugh, frustrating to say the least. 

I am really trying so hard to remain positive.......... and hopeful even that maybe one day soon I will overcome this... somehow.  

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