Thursday, September 2, 2010

Much better day, but why

I guess I shouldnt ask why and should just be thankful for whatever reasons...I have recovered from the stress enduced flareup.  Today I woke up and could tell right away something was different.   then I went to PT and it was confirmed the PC muscle was much better and no longer real tight.... for whatever reason it calmed down....thankfully.  The IC muscle was still involved but overall tone was not so bad.   the external muscles and SI joint however are still giving me issues.   I now know that compressed feeling I get is a sure sign i need someone to 'pull my leg'    to get that joint to open up and the pelvis to be lowered.  ugh, so much maintenace.

I walked about a block on Monday.... did self PT on Tues...and then did some very mild stretching and strenghtening yesterday.   Somehow It seems I tolerated it OK.  

I really am determined to continue to stretch a muscle everyday, maybe twice a day...  and see if it makes any difference at all.......and work on the strenghtening as well.

One of these days something is going to have to work.

I still have some issues though with this burning at ovulation....  and just how deconditioned I am in general.

I see today as a positive- if even just for the day I am thankful. ..and it once again proves I can indeed get out of a horrific flare.

If only i knew why though... why the PC muscle just stopped flaring... heck I would keep doing what I am doing whatever it is that is keeping the tone down.  sigh.

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