Monday, September 20, 2010

another Dr left puzzled

GI appt-
goes somewhat like this-
resident first chats with me-   during convo asks why i cant work( I am growing to ohhh soo HATE this question)  I am though wondering if possibly there is some reason they have to ask if IC, PFD and Vestibilitis arent enough to make someone disabled!!

I tell her my symptoms and she asks what caused my which I reply I didnt think anyone knew what caused which she says for some cases they do :(   For five years of dealing with this all I have gotten in speculation...... so many different theories... 

the resident leaves and then they both come back into the room.

Dr is reall friendly and I thought nice...although she did try to make a joke of something I didnt really think was all that funny really. 

I told her my symptoms and she was puzzled....... especially when I described what was going on with my stools- and the white substance that now often wraps around them.

she at first thought it was part of my colon coming off in my stool (to which I swallowed hard) her explanation made me quite ill...she explained, while drawing a diagram, that often with PFD the muscles being so tight will actually cause ulcers in the colon and cause it to slough off into the stool....   
this bit of news frustrated me too- because all these years my pelvic/uro place has never once mentioned this could be happening to me- even when i had the bad bought of constipation........  and i have to ask myself why not ...dammit.

anyway, i decided at that time due to the personality of the Dr and she was about my age, that I would tell her I actually was so fed up with Doctors not knowing what was going on with me I took a pic of this substance in my stool- so she of course was thrilled and wanted to see it.   After she saw it she was more puzzled...and her previous theory went out the window...she said it did not look like pieces of my colon,. 

She went to examine me- but had me lay on my side...and my PF muscles were not cooperating at all so I barely got an exam- ......... very frustrating to say the least.  
the scary part is she found blood, microscopic blood.... so she wants a colonoscopy to be done after I get a bunch of other tests done first.   She said possibly could be some type of colitis.   She wants me to do a gluten challenge and eat gluten for a week and then get a blood test done to see if I react.   I doubt I body never tests positive for anything I need it to test positive for........why should it start now. 

there was also mention that I had a hemoroid.........which her colleague a few months ago diagnosed as a skin tag...i told her that today and she said she would have to disagree with that dr on that.   So what the f is it...a skin tag or a hemmoroid?  guess I will need to seek out a third opinion on that one

I feel very worn out from todays appointment and just kinda down tonite.  

Last week my period tried to kill me again- and something is seriously wrong on that front as well........but who will i Dr can figure this out....they take some guesses but that is about it.   I swear i have a UTI or yeast infection- but do I risk going back to the Dr that treated me so horribly because they are the only center that can test accurately.

I remain a medical mystery.  I wouldnt mind if there was atleast some sort of drug to help with these symptoms...ugh.

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