Thursday, June 3, 2010

Another Horrific Flare from the stupid Crystal Wand

I had been doing fairly OK, but started getting some burning a few days after my last PT session.   I couldnt figure out where the burning was coming from and thought perhaps it was my bladder (I had eaten some berries) and thought maybe a food flare???   but it didnt seem to go away...and then it started to feel more like a vulvadyania flare up.... (which I havent had in quite sometime) 

Stupid me decides that often my vulva flares are from the tight PF muslces and uses the crystal wand.   Well I could barely sleep at all last nite, could barely stand today, and forget any sitting.    Even my sits bones hurt on both sides.

How on earth could me using this wand cause all of this??   My vulva feels like I have severe rug burn

and if that isnt bad enough, I have some sort of discharge... infection??  I have no clue..   I thought maybe even a UTI... anything is possible at this point with this pain.     Of course using the crystal wand has made everything misearble.

and the worst timing as the AUA conference is taking place and my Dr and PT are not available... so lovely  ...NOT.

So,  I am trying not to panic too much.... I know this flare will calm down once I get to PT late next week.    Until then I wont do anything to upset things...

I just wish I could learn how to do self PT without flaring this badly everytime.     and the sad thing is I will be like this until my PT corrects it... 

Im going to pray this as not given me a huge setback... and the muscles dont learn to stay in this tight state they are in...

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