Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How do I answer this question

While I was out getting groceries today - someone who works at the store I frequent and often makes small talk asked...'so do you work, go to school, what do you do? "    Just coming from a pretty painful PT appt.... the only thing I could think of to say was ' I am between jobs'  to which he gave me some advice...to just relax...and let my mind unwind... his advice was sincere........ if only I was really between jobs.  

technically It could be viewed as between jobs- I mean I am between Doctors right now...   maybe I could have answered with ' medical researcher'   or thought of something funny to say......possibly at a different time, when I wasnt burning away...maybe I would have said something to make him laugh.... 

this is a struggle for me though and I thnk about it often- how on earth will I date again with this mess- my last bf had health issues of his own (he could relate to me) I didnt have to explain....  
How on earth can this be explained to someone that lives a normal life- I dont think that it can.

I could see it now-   a date- well I cant eat gluten, oh no, cant go for coffee , oh that flares my bladder,   no, cant do that I cant walk that far.......oh this here...this is the cushion I have to sit on , if not I flare. 

I dont know if it is possible to date a normal man.   Heck I cant even make small talk without lying.
maybe i will just avoid interacting with him in the future....

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