Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cautiously optimistic

I have been hesitant to blog-  call me a tad superstitious...  after my last blog post- I thought I would never recover-
looking back on symptoms- I think that was a combo of hormones, stress, gluten, GI symptoms.. Pelvis gone wacky.

For the last two weeks - although I have seen ups and downs...

I am happy to report that I am back to doing strengthening exercises-  it is baby steps..but  huge accomplishment and yes it is in the beginning stages...and I am nervous that one bad flare and I will have to abort and loose all the ground I have gained(or what little so far)   so while I am there doing my strengthening next to those healthy running miles on the treadmill-  I can visualize my muscles getting stronger in hopes that one day the muscles will be strong enough to support my pelvis... so it will stay in alignment.  If it stays in alignment there is hope my PFD will improve as well.

Also another bit of the puzzle was solved....  it seems that when I have what is perceived by my body as vulva pain it is actually my PC muscle that is tight.  Last PT session it really hurt when she released it on the one side and I was amazed at how the PT reproduced some of my pain.... odd how that muscle can wreak so much havoc and cause burning??    I wish i was better at self PT-  maybe one day I will be. 

My Gi symptoms are still bothering me however, which is adding to some PFD tightness...

I still get frustrated when my muscles get super tight from any kind of activity... seems I cant walk forward without flaring something... frustrating when just taking out the trash causes this type of reaction.

For now I will take any gains I can get and remain optimistic  and if nothing else if I do have a setback I will have this entry to fallback on to remember just how far I have really come. 

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