Friday, February 4, 2011

out of nowhere it now with me

Last week was terrible.... i was taking two showers a day just to try and feel better and NOTHING would work.  Baking soda and water, did nothing...and I knew I was in trouble.  although instictively I knew what needed to be done to my pelvis I just couldnt do it to myself.

I had PT this week- and the culprit was discovered -  an  outward pelvic tilt and an obtrator  that was very unhappy..........but I was thrilled when the PT reproduced the pain I was feeling all week long.... I should have known it was that muscle as I was experiencing cramping and hip pain.  

My hip still hurts, and I cant figure out what is causing my symptoms...I dont know if it is bladder, yeast, or possibly hormonal.... it is sad that I have taken a step backwards with this pain....... because I felt so much better after the PT session.... so I dunno what happened.

I took a nap tonite, I felt like I had a fever.... i dont have the patience to wait this out- I find that the most difficult in all of this.... I was used to one norm and now have been thrown this curve- 

My PT did give me some hope she feels my PF is doing so much better and encouraged me to add strenghtening in attempts to keep the pelvis more aligned.   im sad that I cant start that now with these symptoms like this.    I have tried just about everything I can think of to relieve this pain... i dont know where it is even coming from.   Feels like possibly the bladder and IC muscle. 

Praying that in a few days this goes away...and things start to calm down or sort themselves out.
In case this was or is related to diet changes i have gone back to the bland diet....
ugh what a living nightmare this is


  1. I feel like I am living in a nightmare too:(

  2. If you ever need someone to talk to, please email me. My email is

  3. thanks- i think I might have some sort of infection going on... either yeast or a UTI... just feels very odd. I have gotten like this in the past when my period feels like it is starting a week early. If it is yeast- probably from me going off my diet...ugh. I took some homeopathic UTI stuff tonite, but so far it isnt helping.

    Im going Monday to get tested for a UTI. Sorry you are going thru this too :(