Wednesday, March 23, 2011

dilator- epic fail acupuncture- mini fail

ugh, and sigh....grrrr.   so beyond sick of this mess I seem to be in.  tried the dilator after about a year hiatus- was stunned that it didnt hurt my vulvodynia (progress I thought)

but I think I went overboard with it- and have been in a horrid flare.... feels like my entire pelvis is tight.... restricted even... I have PT in the AM and cant wait to see her.

Acupuncture- the needles kill me- like really hurt - she worked on my back at the last visit.... and all the spots my PT works on she found immediately said they are all tied to my bladder.  I was in agony.   I dont know what to make of all of it.

as for my other symptoms- Im kinda scared- weight loss again and I think the lyme is flaring. or something is.

my period is iratic and im at my whits end with that - and what to do....ugh

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