Thursday, March 3, 2011

The agony of defeat

I stand here typing with my stomach in severe spasm...  my GI tract is a wreck - and out of nowhere the last two days I have been in severe constipation....   well constipation in the fact my GI tract stopped moving.   It just would not come out.

I didnt know the severity of this until I went to PT today and she could not even press on my muscles internally.... the stool was protruding into the vaginal vault :(   so it was a half azzed session.
I immediately left there and got on the phone with my GI dr how said to take M of Magnesia-  so I did a shot of that in the drug store parking lot and barely made it home.   The next hour was spent in pure agony... but finally I got relief

only to be left with more PAIN....OMG it feels like I gave birth to my bladder or something it is crazy... I seriously do not know how women give birth.  Of course I have a crappy Pelvic floor so that most likely is why this is so painful.

Before I left PT - she said I would need to do my own internal...and to try and get into see her (not happening she is booked solid until a week from today)   I dont even feel like having anything in that area touched at all.... it is terrible.

I feel toxic and sick and have no clue what triggered any of this-   and didnt realize I was that backed up....

so back to peg one- the story of my pelvic pain career......any progress is met by a new symptom taking over.

- on a more positive note the friend who I sorta distanced myself from has been there for me the last few days/nites.... as has a few other friends and my mom.

I have people in my corner pulling for me-  I just wish somewhere out there was my answer.    I am determined to figure this out....I have to. 

Ok- time for me to drink some peppermint tea and try to sooth my tummy and take my meds to hopefully try and sleep ( I can only hope) 

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