Monday, May 30, 2011

It's been awhile.....

I usually only post wehn  am feeling terrible, however...I would like to share a few better weeks that I have had.

somehow- it my surprise and that of my PT my PFD is somewhat stable....I dont know why, I dont want to even question it....even when I totally over did it a few weeks ago the PFD did not flare... it was more my back and other external muscles.............does this mean they are trying to work again, I dunno.

the week before last- I had to skip PT bc they were not avail..........of course I panicked at first but to my surprise again I survived the week break from PT, well I did better than survive, heck I felt the best I have in quite sometime.........

Im not sure if I felt better because I went into the previous weeks session in so much pain from overdoing it... that being out of that pain felt great, or that the SI Joint was calmer thus allowing me to be more functional.  I am thankful for that few weeks... very thankful.

However, something happend at last PT session, I went in feeling OK, and came out worse...ugh, I so dislike those type of sessions.  no real reason behind it.   possibly the hormonal shift.
so now it is that typical SI joint congested feeling...ugh and grrrrrr.  I try to correct what I can even now doing soft tissue work. I dont quite have the self PT down...but I think I am doing something...  so I will keep doing it...  tonite i did it and didnt feel all that bad, so we shall see.   I basically just try to find a spot that hurts...and just press there... and forget about what position it is... 

I have also noticed that the first day of my period is not as agozingly painful...I attribute this to my PFD not being so bad.   it kind of came as a shock to me when I look back over the last three months and say....wait a sec I am improving, I dont lay in bed on a heating pad during day one.

I have a loooong way to go though, I still desperately need to add in the core excercises.... without them I will not improve..or have any hope of getting past this....   it is tough for me... because it seems just when I want to get started my PT session does not go well and I am left flaring for days after and then not right until the next session. 
I really do think if I can add some muscle to my gluttes to support the SIjd.... I think I will be much better off.

My new goal is to start those exercises...  overall though I am happy with how far I have come and hope to continue to move forward...Im sure I will have small setbacks along the way.... like after last weeks session...but I am determined more than ever to get better.

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