Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Im not even sure what to title this entry- 
 the last few days I have had more pain- i think diet related. or I should say I know diet related... :(  the flare of the worst kind.
this entry isnt about my health really- just about a falling out with a so called friend....aka fair weather friend-  I guess I just got used to talking with them a few times a day-for the most part they were supportive if anything with providing me with an outlet to the real world , i suppose-   then some time passed and I sort of forgot all about them...until they contacted me-    and what I thought maybe was a moment for them to possibly apologize-for things to go back to the way they were-   turned out to be a conversation I would have been better off not having- it wasnt all bad-    it ended with them saying keep in touch.   gee thanks.... all those days where they were supposedly so concerned about my health about me etc...and that is what I get..keep in touch..... Im not sure why this has such an affect on me-  usually I just let things like this bounce off of me-    maybe because I seem to attract mostly fair weather type of friends....maybe because I thought this person was different...and maybe I want things to be the way i 'thought' that they were. no other way of saying it...it just sucks. 
Im disappointed - and generally ticked off.    Meanwhile I am trying to regain the upper hand with my health and for the most part today I thought I was- but now I am burning yet again.  probably need to do some self PT-   I need my health and general well being to get back to the way it was a few weeks ago...sans this fair weather etc.   I need to shake this off....I need to get back to ME and my goals....strenghtening being number one priority.  

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