Monday, June 20, 2011

zero tone

At last weeks PT session- after I told my PT about my week and everything I did- she was estatic that my right side had a tone of ZERO- yes you read that correctly like a normal human!!!!!   
I think with everything going on in my life right now this really has not set in- my life is super stressful and hectic right now...but damn a ZERO!!!!

this coming from someone who couldnt even have a qtip inserted, could barely stand PT at all.... and now years later suddenly for no real reason, it is a ZERO.

how on earth does that even happen?  I am not sure-  I thought my PFD was more symptomatic lately, but I think it is the external muscles...and the SI joint....  I really dont know what to make of this as I still am very limited in what activities I can do....  i have to wonder though.... how my PFD has been holding its own...dont get me wrong I am not complaining at all, i will take this, especially right now...take anything I can get.  I can notice a slight difference...i feel a bit lighter in the pelvis...but it is not a drastic difference..........I would think I would notice more.... odd really odd.

the left was at a 2 though tone was, still pretty that has been at a 4 as well a few years ago.... 
i want to work on stretching....  but am afraid to upset this balance that somehow I have created.

the PT thought purhaps it was because of the stress I clenched my butt and the pelvis relaxed.   I dunno, but felt it needed to be mentioned here...for times when this might flare back up.

I also notice the IC seems better, I can eat some foods I couldnt before... sweet potato chips for example...bags of them at a time...  when before they would really bother me. 

I hope this lasts...atleast for a little while.

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