Saturday, July 23, 2011

progress and some new hope

Last Monday nite- as my period was ending I decided that I needed to somehow get rid of the iritating, burning and muscle tightness that I almost always get at the end of the period.
So, I used the valium- and waited until i was relaxed and decided to just go and do an internal.  I didnt over think it, just basically found the spot that hurt and as the saying goes 'hung out there for awhile'  and for the first time I felt it release...  I actually felt the darn muscle release.    then to check my work.... I did a 2nd internal and sure enough it released.

I took the rest of my nite meds and went to sleep.  it was the most restful sleep I have had in quite sometime.  AND the next day I woke up and felt so close to normal..that irritating pain was gone....I as able to run errands and do much more than i usually can....
I as in shock really, but enjoyed every moment of it all came crashing down not soon after i came home.

mostly the external stuff...tight core muslces.....     I did a 2nd internal of the week that nite, but it didnt work out as well as the first.......and the external muscle pain just built up. 

oddly at the PT appt it was revealed the rt side was forward...even though i did a correction that nite..... my left needed correcting once the right was done.   AND internally.... it was basically normal on the rt and at a 2 on the left.
so I think that by doing the internal I am doing something for sure as this happened in the past as well. 

oh and I also was able to do some light strenghtening too....  

since my session I have basically just been resting- and enjoying my muscles not being tight....or feeling off.   It sure feels good to be put back together again.   Tonite though it was time to stretch again and do some light strenghtening   ...i need to try and do this as much as possible if I ever want to improve. .  

I am very hopeful that I am no managing this the best that I can right now.   I have to just stick with t hopes to build the muscles and get back to where i was a few years ago with this external stuff.   I think I can do it, but it is going to take a lot of time and patience and balance...lots of balance.
but I am hopeful for the first time in a long time.   

that being said I am going thru ovulation and everything is known to flair with me during this sux... but again Im not going to let it get in the way. 

I guess this will be day one of progress
1- set of exercises

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