Sunday, November 13, 2011

bladder flaaaaaair

ugh, and grr and ouchie this sucks.... 

it started I think now with maybe eating spinach(which generally never bothers me)
and then my GI tract didnt like me eating black eyed peas...not sure why that is, and I cant tolerate peas either and last week pinto beans hurt me...ugh.

so last nite I decide to try the grapefruit see extract that came in the mail that the bad bacteria in my gut is sensitive too... I googled it before taking it and most with IC said they were OK with it...well like everything with MY bladder it flared me.

so last nite sucked and then today really sucked....
then I think I added another offender Quionia the equation (which in the past i have tolerated) 
I think because the bladder was inflamed already and I added the GSE... now everything is hurting it.

so I have been taking baking soda in water and just waiting this out...but man does this HURT and since I havent had t his in quite sometime, because I stick to the diet...ouch.   

im also frustrated that I cant ingest good the GSE... but can eat poisons from fast food places etc... makes little sense.

also when I was first dx... it seems I tolerated more foods...maybe because I didnt notice the flare as much since I was always in one, I dunno.  Also now I never get frequency as a symptom of a food is odd how that it is pain and early AM retention... 

yea, so it sucks.
weight loss is bad again too...tough to eat while in pain.
have a Dr appt on Monday that I hope I can sit to drive if not will cancel to the following week.... it is to go over the thyroid results.
so far I like this Dr...but I am not getting my hopes up...I like that he ran the labs...he is willing to try and figure otu what is wrong with me... he said it will take time and it is a process...he gave me a very thorough exam. 
it is just difficult to treat someone like me with a bladder like this that reacts to supplements that are supposed to help.    looking at my labs I think i have more of an iron problem than thyroid..... 

gosh this bladder is so angry at me...I didnt mean to piss it off so badly..........and if I was going to plan it heck i would have ate something yummy like thai or chinese...sheesh...i dont even flare this bad with alcohol...the very little that i have had.  

this is where everyone with these diseases really needs to give yourself credit for hanging tough during nights like this.  waiting for the 2nd round of meds to kick in...and hoping tomorrow is a better day. 

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