Sunday, October 30, 2011

this nite is tough

the constipation acted up last week and as a result aggrivated the fissure again.... it wasnt even constipation really...was just too large to pass...... so that upset the IC muscle on both sides and the left PC muscle that even after PT would not calm down...  so it was a mess....and today I had more BM nightmares.... and my PFD is a wreck.... the fissure is reinjured and I have even lost my appetite.   Loosing my appetite is not good because I am so thin to begin with..............I just wish this could correct itself already.

I have a second opinion with another colon dr this week and hoping he will prescribe the new treatment for fissures that most of the Dr are prescribing that actually helps to heal them.    Im very worn tonite.........I feel like the Doctors are missing something....I have been dealing with this fissure on and off since last November.

I fear it has something to do with the mold here but I dunno.......I just dunno anymore.
I have a marathon week of Dr appts.......even one tomorrow on Halloween which is usually off limits...and now I wish that it was because I have no clue with the pain I am in how I will sit that long to get there. 

I need a miracle to happen for this to be cured and for me to start gaining some weight.   I am also loosing ground on walking etc because of this pain.......guess i will eventually push thru it...ugh.   somehow push thru it ...... keeping fingers crossed by Friday I might have some answers.    it is just every time I think I am making ground I get pushed back down again.   It rained and snowed here yesterday....who knows if that is a factor with the mold... I sure cant figure this one out.

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