Friday, October 21, 2011


yes mixed... all mixed up, mixed feelings...that is what i feel mixed.

PT appt was rather interesting.... despite my increased activity ...walking more, visiting an orchard...etc... my PFD held its own for a month now.... right side was normal and the left had the obtrator right near the opening at a tone of a two.   when she released that it caused V burning ....ugh.

the is suspected the sacrum was off.... and when I told her where my pain was she also found a very very sore ligament...that really really hurt like a biatch..when she released it but boy did that feel good later...amazing what that release work does.  the rt side needed a correction and leg pull too despite me correcting so much during the week...suspect it was due to the sacrum being off.

now here is the most interesting part...I have been having problems with my neck for a few weeks... but kept forgetting to bring it up to my PT....  she seemed to know what it was just by me describing the symptoms.... and went right too the area...turns out it was my rib causing some of the pain....odd , right... for the first time in years I had full range of motion with my neck... amazing.  today though feels a bit sore... but overall dizziness is gone... amazing...     so frustrating that PT is the only one to figure anything out about me...Docs just dont know what to make of me and my symptoms...but she figures it out.

I am feeling so overwhelmed with life though lately..... just wish I could deal with my health and that would be it the good old days...but I just cant.... 

I also have a low tolerance for people who seem to only be about themselves....I just cant deal with them at all anymore.... so far I have distanced myself from one person that used to be part of my support they no longer are and that is my choice...for once. it does hurt as I got a msg tonite...that really ticked me off about them....  I was accomodating them....and shouldnt have been...lesson learned...heck we barely talk anymore anyway... and I feel myself avoiding them...dont feel like fitting into their life.... heck i dont even fit into my own life.  their email made me a bit more depressed.

  I am starting to be thankful for those I do have...and not wishing that I had those other types in my life... I guess it will all work out with those that should be in my life staying.  the above person is oblivious to ME and my life......and that is sad very sad.  

I am rather worried though about ths burning with urination....why I have it it possibly yeast.... I just dont know....but what I do know is I dont like it.   the fissure is also acting up...seems it just wont heal...  and that is rather scary too....  im just so damn overwhelmed.

so , yes mixed... hopefully that more activity gave me less PF symptoms but -  worried about the burning etc.

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