Sunday, December 11, 2011


I am hesitant to post this as each time i report something positive it gets whipped away..  However, this time even if it does I know i have reached this point in my journey.

first of all my PFD is holding its own again.   I am so releaved to be able to do an internal on the rt side and have a lot more room in there.. like normal even.  WOW.  and the trigger points are more localized.

obtrator closer to the outside (PC muscle ) on the left...  and sometimes similar on the rt side too.

I now know when my leg needs a pull to correct the SI upslip (frustrating that this happens more than I would like)

but my PT said now is the time if there will be any chance to get past the stage i am in now I MUST get disciplined...and encorporate strenghtening    MUST. do it.  So I have started.  sloowly.

yesterday I did leg lifts over the ball and some leg lifts while on all fours.  today I did the usual lap around the neighborhood... weather is getting cold but I seemed to hold up OK.   some SI pain and a little feeling like I have to have the leg pulled...but I did it.   I did it while having one of the worst nites in a long time, as my period tried to kill me... which felt like an attack on my GI tract.  but i DID it.

it feels good to be i remember the days when I wasnt.

I also have my appetite back, which I am beyond thankful for...

I started taking a supplement Samento and ultra flora probiotics... which i think are really helping me to feel better.. odd as that is.   whatever i am doing seems to be working... 

I have some emotional baggage hanging around though.. that sort of keeps coming to the forefront that I must just put to the back of my mind and propel forward.

my new saying is ' i just keep walking'   and that I do ... i havent walked this much in YEARS... and it sure feels good!  Physically I am walking and emotionally i will be walking as well.  I must if I want to regain my life.  or some part of my life.

I have hope... and I will not stop believing I will again get on that eliptical.. and have a more stable SI joint...
my new goal is to get back to the gym and I will do that in 2012 no matter what I will get back there.  and once back i will keep walking while there too... and i will never stop going again ever.

in 2007- i was in a very good place while going to the gym...however my PFD was like a pfd is better and external just is not strong enough...sooo like the PT said this is my best shot... and im going to make it happen. 

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