Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Period trying to kill me AGAIN

This all started Sunday nite when I was woke up with what I thought were cramps.... I say thought because I still am not really sure ... so I thought OK, my period will start....well it didnt and still hasnt started... it is just hanging on causing all kinds of havoc in my GI tract and my PFD... my pelvis across the top hurts...I dont quite understand why THIS month and why now...when my body seemed to be showing signs of makes no sense.

as I lay here typing..I still do not have a flow... but yet can feel the uterus trying to contract.... this sux... i wonder if maybe the flow will not this the month I loose my period for good...will I be stuck like this are all things that go thru my mind.... FEAR is the worst thing right now.

Heart stuff- last nite while on the phone with my friend and after I had just eaten i was lying down on a heating pad... and felt this flutter in my throat and I had to cough.... sometimes this happens and it goes away but this time it did not....  thankfully i was on the phone with a friend of mine that also has a similar health problem.... and she had me take my was 120 resting... and I could feel my heart beating very fast.... and kept having to cough.  

i wore a heart monitor in the past... and it didnt pick up anything.... i really think this is all hormonal... because like i said this period not starting is causing me a lot of pressure.... type of feeling....ugh.... so frustrating...

and why at a time when I was doing better........... im so worn from this. 

guess a gyn appointment is in order.  because there is something seriously going on.

praying really hard the period flow starts today and it will be an end to this misery.  I am still going to try and get in my walk and some excercises... i cant let this get in the way of doing that.

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