Sunday, July 29, 2012

is anyone still reading? after a long hiatus im back

well sorta back.  I h
ad another injury that has occured that made it next to impossible to be on the computer all that long to even type up a blog about it.  what i have learned is becareful what you complain about because suddenly you may get something so much worse.

I have battled back though.. through my own self doubt... my pain, my frustrations.. thru tears.. I have battled and am making progress on the other injury.  it is similar in that i hold tension now in that are so like the PFD... it sux at times.. but seems to be much easier to get out of a flareup... which is a blessing.

my PFD seems to be better- however The VVS is starting to flare more lately when the PC is tight.. and yes I still do not quite have the hang of internal PT.. but I think that Im about to have a lightbulb moment where that is concerned.   I am getting better with doing the left... which burns a TON!!!  the right rarely ever burns now... ( progress.. luck.. i dunno)

im on self pay for PT again and that is stressful enough.. my world is still very upside down.. and i pray each day that I can go to work Part time again .. so im not so stressed.

I started a strenghtening routine and im seeing some slight results.. im able to walk more but not everyday.   Stretching still makes me worse at times.. so im backing off that a bit.

the SI joint is a KEY role in all of this .. bigger part of the pic than i ever thought.

i just wish i could sit without the PC engaging and causing so much burning....  this time though it s like no other point i have ever been at before... im going to continue to walk. contine to strenghten.... something is bound to work.    If i battled that other injury i surely have the power to battle the three amigos.. i just have to find away to self manage it better and that starts with mastering the internal..something that has always been just out of my reach.    so right now im burning and flaring...
but if i look back in time.. this really is mild compared to where i was... this stuff takes time and patience... but im not going to let it beat me.  I will work again.....   but for now im going to take my meds and get some sleep..   if anyone is still reading feel free to comment.    Any tips on the internal would be greatly appreciated.

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