Tuesday, October 23, 2012

my fav time of the yr and im in a flare

yea so  this flare is partially my own doing....ive made progress with my neck..so i got overly ambitious..over the weekend..reaching above my head on shelvess..lifting..carrying boxes..and whamo..neck is mighty pissed.  when i say neck i mainly mean the upper trap muscle..it doesnt take much to stir up the pain..i am miserabke.  this entire right sided body twisted mess has got to improve.

im seeing a new dr just had one appt..but they feel my fascia is contributing to my si joint being tugged up..thus causing an upslip..did i mention extremely tight fascia...it seems it is always one step fwd one bacmk

i am hopeful this dr will be able to help... my bladder is also flaring..and i think my obtrator is tight on the rt..a side i cant reach myself..uggggh.

so while im feeling sorry for myself tonite
i amthankful for the progress that i have made...i just need to re
rame thisnexk pain becausethisreallysux...butalso shows how far i have come...i jusat haveto watchmy posturemore and not so stupis thingsapolovies for the typostypingon a tabletry  with neck pain

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