Tuesday, November 6, 2012

If only healthy people knew what this was like-- really knew what it was like

It is tough to juggle things outside my health realm right now..... and it doesnt take much to stress me out ... some people dont understand this.   I'm going thru a lot right now.... and just need a break... but cant take one ... because i have so much to figure out.

I cant let others bring me down- because i have a lot to figure out regarding my health.

Im in somewhat of an SIJD flareup.... there is a storm coming and im not sure if i should cancel PT.. since i will see the osteo next week.. or not.

im sick of these decisions...  sick of the added stresses.   its also a hormonal flare up.. i tend to do better during my period.  and now all is burning.  

i cant wait for my bath... mostly i just wish i would stop attracting drama... i need to focus on me and my health i cannot allow anything to get in the way of that.

i dont care if im alone anymore... i just need to figure some crap out.  

sure it would be great to go back in time , but i cant so i must try to focus on me now... and eventually hope things work themselves out...  in time.    I have gone a long time without PT.... the osteo flared me but then helped.....  

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