Wednesday, December 19, 2012

the waiting room

i drove to the appointment both anxious and hopeful. i rode the elevator with a nice couple headed to the same floor as me...upon arriving i entered a waiting room full of people ...this is not something u want when u are dealing with what they eXpect is a thombrosed there we all sat...well i stood...and as time goes on u make small one point we were ready to order in a by one we get called back. im next and im super anxious....i just want the pain to stop...for my mind to be at ease for my faith to be restored in the medical is my turn...that time sure went fast. ahhh im back with the kind dr..i meet in his office first...then off to the exam.....not sure why i was so axcious..i mean my crotch has been looked at by many...ive had this exam before when treating the inverted hurts the exam...but i breathe an relax and realize ive felt way worse....i mean common this girl has had vulva injections! he confirms a thombrosed hemmroid .rx cream and pain med...and im on my way. upon exiting i see a wonderful display of xmas lights and i stand aand relax and take it all in. so good news no fissure bad news this will take time. it has been a rough few weeks.

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