Thursday, August 18, 2011

From UTI to extreme constipation..... mercury retrograd attacks the pelvis

all kidding aside... Mercury is retrograde... and it appears this go around my body is under attack.

the never ending flare was a UTI that didnt culture any bacteria out yet the antibiotics helped.   Well, after that was done.. I started to have stomach issues... constipation.... and then out of nowhere..I became severly constipated...not able to go for hours.. until i took MOM and a suppository and then finally I went.... but damn did that F up my PFD and tear my fissure.    So, I think everything is OK....after I have two BM's in a day... WRONG. yesterday I could not go felt like the fissure was not allowing it to pass and the pressure was terrible.... not to mention how woozy i felt etc.  Also yesterday I decided to try and add calories to my diet thinking all was clear in constipation land.... 
I am the worst I have ever been right now.......well maybe next to the time that I was also on Cipro and had similar happen which landed me in the ER... my stomach really has not been the same since that bought...but I could deal.
I had to cancel PT..which sucks because my muscles are so tight which is just adding to this.  put a call into the colon doc...who called me back personally and went over what he felt would help....   I did one of his treatments...and it is killing my stomach... feels like I have to go to the bathroom...but cant... I dont think I actually have to go...I think all these laxatives are going crazy in my body right now... I need a GI needs a damn break already.  
as a result my PFD is bad...and V is starting to flare up as is to be expected.... I may try to do an internal.... but not sure.  
i feel so ill i cant stomach much but broth... I dont know if it is the laxatives...or if I have some sort of infection that the antibiotics caused.   all i know is this is very rough to deal with......  im not used to feeling this ill..... and it has been a long time since I have.
I wish I could remember how I healed back then.... all I remember is barely eating anything for a few days...
Im praying very hard that this passes...praying even harder what ever it is can be treated or just goes away..... the nausea is really tough to deal with...and it comes in waves....
my body needs a break in the worst way. and Im not sure when or if that will happen..... so I have to just be tough and wait it out and know I will be OK again.   I got thru the last flare of the bladder now it is the GI...and I think most of that is the laxatives....    and the PFD causing havoc.....   I wish I could have gotten into my PT...but that will have to wait now five more days... seems like forever.  I guess that will give my stomach time to chill out...because that is what is driving the muscles right now.
hopefully, I will rebound and be back to baseline soon...real soon.
I have to say my friends have rallied around me as well as family.... i have people in my corner and this helps me to continue to fight........   I find myself thinking I will take vulva burning over this any day..... and I would.... because this is complete misery.

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