Sunday, September 4, 2011

my period is trying to kill me

i lay here completly defeated....I have not had a period like this in MONTHS....   last nite I thought for sure I would pass out from the pain.... it was the uterus I think... stiring up the oberator...and wow did it hurt....that on top of the bowel.....  I am so worn out..... I guess this is what labor feels like.

Im not even sure why my body is allowing for a period since my weight is so low..... I also think some sort of infection is at play here.... because my vulva really feels burny...... it sucks... and there is just nothing I can do about it.   the fissure does not seem to want to heal...... I just dont know what direction I should really go in with this or what Dr I should see.
there is more mold here in this house...could that be it....I dunno.    All I know is that my period has not tried to kill me in quite why now.... I literally am back to peg one with all of this.

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