Thursday, September 8, 2011 officially worried

Im worn out..I have used up all of my reserves...every last bit of them.

I am still suffering with the fissure....   had PT and the obtrator on both sides was very very tight...something I am not at all used to...not even close.  It took me back to the beginning days of PT...those painful , painful days...  then the PC was still tight...  it sucks, I cried, and it still sucks....

I have to go easy on myself , yet I want to know why I am like this, how to get back to my baseline.....  I just dont know what to make of any of it.

is it the mold here making me sick now....since these symptoms started when that did.  or was it the antibiotic that stirred stuff up.
all I know is that it hurts...really hurts.
I guess with something like a fissure you cant expect the PFD to just go along with it.   It is just that the last time i had the fissure the IC muscle was always tight.....and now that it just has me worried.
I really have been sick for a month now.......... and this really sucks.... 

positives-   I can now eat again....not so much before...and I feel hungry and full.
goal- to rest... have the pc relax thus having the V have less burn
overall goal...heal that fissure.

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